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September 04, 2019

Deadline: 5/6/15

Word count: 500 - 700 words

Key issues and themes:

  • Overview of selective service requirements (who has to register, under what circumstances, penalty for non-registration enforcement, and so on)

  • Benefits of registration

  • Link between registration and federal financial aid; other effects of non-registration

  • Potential additional effects of non-registration—and where/under what circumstances these might occur (requirement to pay back disbursed aid, prohibition from re-applying for X-period of time, loss of campus housing, expulsion, and so on)

  • The option of registering with a protest (for potential conscientious objectors)

  • (if stat available—percentage of male 18-25-year-olds have not registered)

  • If students don't register—colleges that may provide additional financial aid support (e.g., Swarthmore)