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December 18, 2019

We rally up three quick stories of some of the funniest high school pranks.

Senior pranks are often a fun, funny, and harmless part of senior year. Though some schools expressly forbid pranks, others see them as an acceptable bonding experience for graduating students. As you might expect, hilarious senior pranks are all over the web, but here are some of our favorites:

Cups full of water

In this senior prank, the objective is to obstruct a hallway, stairs or classroom with cups full of water so that it will be impossible to pass through quickly without spilling the cups over.

CupPrank2 (1)

Gorilla chasing banana

In this funny senior prank, everyone is minding their own business at school, when suddenly a person in a banana suit is being chased by a person in a gorilla suit through the school. The great part about this prank is that you can pretty much play it anywhere!

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Pigs in the school

There are many pranks involving letting animals loose in the school, but this one has a nice twist to it. Take two pigs, label them "1" and "3," and release them in your school. Soon enough, your school will find and handle the two pigs, but the wild goose chase to find "pig 2" will cause a hilarious havoc. Of course, pig 2 doesn't even exist!

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