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January 24, 2020

Your favorite beauty products are possibly hiding tons of toxic ingredients from you -- so you should take a look at clean beauty products instead. In light of a recent push for more hones

Your favorite beauty products are possibly hiding tons of toxic ingredients from you -- so you should take a look at clean beauty products instead. In light of a recent push for more honesty and non-toxic components, clean beauty products are becoming more widespread and easily accessible. The recent changes in the world of cosmetics means that you don’t have to be stuck with your old, potentially dangerous products.

While the definition of “clean" beauty is a bit subjective, the general definition is that a clean beauty product would not contain any of the toxins that other brands try to hide. These toxins include artificial ingredients or carcinogenic chemicals. It seems like it would be hard to cover up such dangerous ingredients, but the FDA has not updated their policy since 1938. The policy currently in place does not require any brands to submit their products for testing of any sort, provide any real disclosure of ingredients, or even allow for the possibility of a recall.

Given all of this, you might want to start making the switch to cleaner beauty products. Here are a few places to look to get you started:


You probably already shop at Sephora, but did you know that they have their own online section for clean beauty products? They have categories for clean skincare, clean makeup, clean hair products, and clean fragrance. Each one is marked with a “clean" sticker. So, if you’re a V.I.B. member at Sephora, consider making your next purchase full of products marked with that special green sticker.


If you love nail polish, toxin-free products, and good deals, then Zoya is the brand for you. Zoya is Big 10 Free, meaning that their polishes are free of ten of the harmful ingredients found in the average nail polish. They have an extremely varied selection of colors, and are almost always running good deals. During most Aprils, Zoya runs an Earth Day event, where you can send them your old, unwanted (toxic) polishes of ANY brand and get 50% off and free shipping on five new polishes from Zoya (perfect for making the transition from toxic to clean!)


Goop culminates all of the best of clean beauty and puts it in one place for you. Whether you’re looking for skincare, makeup, bath products, or some other beauty product, Goop likely has a clean product for you. Goop are the masters of clean beauty -- they even wrote a book about it (Goop Clean Beauty, if you want to check it out).


You can tell Beautycounter is serious because they have an official Never List full of over 1,500 questionable ingredients that they never include in their products. This vow includes bath products, skincare, and makeup. Beautycounter has almost any kind of product that you’re looking for, and is even introducing a line specific to men. Beautycounter is rigorous about screening procedures and transparency, and is constantly researching ingredients to decipher the best from the worst -- so your next favorite beauty products are in good hands.


Credo, like Beautycounter, also has a list of ingredients that they never use called a “Dirty List." Credo is very transparent about the ingredients that they do not use and has the most amount of clean products available out of almost any site. Plus, you get to choose three free samples with every purchase, and who can say no to free samples?

Beauty products are important, but so is your health. Now is the time to start making the switch to more natural products and join the clean beauty movement.