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Sabrina Christine
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January 24, 2020

Food is such an important aspect of our everyday lives. Some of us really enjoy the fine zest that every bite can bring to our taste buds.

Food is such an important aspect of our everyday lives. Some of us really enjoy the fine zest that every bite can bring to our taste buds. If you’re one of these people: a foodie who likes the taste and mix that the different cultures bring to food, and if you’re studying abroad, or you will be in the future, then you’re going to love this article. Below are some of the best places to study if you love food and why.

The first place would be Argentina. Not only is Argentina beautiful--the food is great! The empanadas, small pastries filled with meat, cheese and corn, are delicious. Students that study in abroad in Buenos Aires should make sure to enjoy them every semester.  There is also the carne asada, which is traditionally barbecued steak or beef ribs. Top it with chimichurri, a tasty sauce made from herbs, garlic and vinegar. If you want something sweet and delicious, they have that too! Dulce de leche is a sweet spread that you can put on just about anything: cakes and pancakes, smeared on toast or as an ice cream topping.

The next place to study abroad if you love food is France. Traditional French cuisine is said to be one of the best in the world, especially when it comes to their cheeses, pastries and bread.  When you study abroad in France you will need to do a some traveling to samples the variety of French fare that is available.  If you head to the French Riviera, you will taste ratatouille, salad Nicoise and cuisine that is influenced by the Mediterranean and the nearby sea in Nice and Arles.

Then there is Italy. The wonderful taste of Italy brings so much excitement to your study sessions and your taste buds. While this country is home to some of the world’s most popular and familiar foods, there’s even more of a reason to experience something new and go outside of your comfort zone. When you are in Rome, try carbonara or tripe. If you are studying in Milan, try the ossobuco or the cassoeula. In Siena, located in the countryside of Tuscany, you can have an entire term dedicated to learning about regional food and drink in the business and economics of Italian food and wine program, or take the tradition and cuisine in Tuscany program during the summer.

Last but not least we have Morocco. Morocco cuisine has had many influences over the years, from Mediterranean to Arabic to Andalusian to Berber. When it comes to studying abroad, Morocco will entice your appetite by the use of different spices. Some of the more common spices are mint, coriander, marjoram, caraway and verbena.  And who doesn’t love refreshing mint tea? It’s simply delicious and another way to experience the culture.

These places are great for food lovers. Not only are these beautiful places to study, but they are also known around the world for their delicious food. You’ll have a great study experience and meet new people along the way, and your taste buds will have an amazing time as well! The different experiences and flavors will bring even more excitement to your study life and taste!