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Hailey Foster,
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January 24, 2020

Black Friday is quite possibly the best holiday. This used to be a time where people would wake up super early or go out late on Thanksgiving night to be the first entry into a store to en

Black Friday is quite possibly the best holiday. This used to be a time where people would wake up super early or go out late on Thanksgiving night to be the first entry into a store to ensure that you will get the best products without the chance of it running out of stock. However, let this article be the saving grace to you adventurous people who hop from store to store and have to fight to get the products you want. This will inform you about the best deals to grab when that day rolls around in the coming week. No more plowing your way through the store to try to find your item or waiting an unbearingly prolonged period of time. These stores will have the best deals you sure don’t want to miss out on.

Best Buy

Who wouldn’t want an insanely good deal on new electronics and smart devices?   It is nearly impossible to not find a good deal at Best Buy this year. They are offering markdown prices on anything from TVs, laptops and computers, to headphones  and cell phones. Some deals include LG smart TVs starting at $199 and $200 off the iPhone X. The best part about these sale prices are that they are going on now, which means get to shopping and start those savings! Find yourself a new device this holiday season with these incredible deals.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, more often times than not it will be on Amazon. This retail website is the best, in terms of customer satisfaction, quality of the products, and incredible prices that come along with it. Besides the black friday deals, which are starting now, it is an added bonus that a good majority of items are eligible for prime, which means free shipping! So when you’re saving money on anything from toys and games to kitchen appliances or books, check to see if the item has prime shipping to ensure a greater checkout experience. One of the best deals on the website is a free echo dot with the purchase of a Fire TV stick and the two items are compatible with each other so you can use the Alexa voice control to play TV shows or movies on your TV with a simple command. The power of technology is crazy, but also very user convenient. I recommend checking out Amazon this black friday to get the best deals for yourself and the family.


Anyone who says they don’t love Target is lying to themselves. Nobody can walk out of this store without buying something, even if you didn’t have the intentions to. This holiday season, be prepared to save major on items such as Smart TVs and Apple products. This is the best time to get those products your family has been eyeing for quite some time, and it is beneficial for you because you won’t break the bank either. While this store doesn’t have an early access event to the deals, it is still essential to know what items they will be selling for an amazing and affordable price so you can get in and get out without a lot of additional and unnecessary spending.

Old Navy

As a former employee at this store, I must say they always have some type of deal going on that is hard to resist, so it is only obvious that they will have amazing black friday deals as well. Starting November 15-20, the store is doing a pre-party event that allows customers to get 40% off their entire purchase, with some styles starting as low as $6. They also have a cardmember exclusive November 15-18 that allows customers to get 50% off their entire purchase when they use or open an Old Navy Card or any other family brand card. It will be nearly impossible to not find anything for men, women, girls, boys, babies and toddlers for an exceptionally great price. Also who doesn’t agree that it is such a good feeling knowing that you saved more money than you spent? Head down to the closest Old Navy near you and shop till you drop while saving that dough!

As mentioned before, Black Friday is quite possibly the best shopping day ever because while you are finally getting those items saved to your wishlist from months ago or to miraculous finds, you are saving money either which way you look at it. By saving more money, you could essentially go out and buy more products that you didn’t even need, but now can’t live without. This holiday is a win for everybody, so make sure you create a list of what to get and make a spreadsheet of how much you’re saving so you will not feel too guilty with all your great finds!