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Lara Rosales

March 10, 2021

In our globalized world, it is extremely important to learn another language and continue to break through the barriers that separate us.

We grow up in societies that speak different languages and give different value to the languages we decide to learn. For most people–a worldwide fact–English is the number one language we should all be learning. Others believe Spanish comes second, followed by Mandarin, Portuguese, French, Italian. The least goes on and on as everyone has different opinions on the matter. The bottom line, however, is we should all be learning at least one language besides the one we were born into.

As a bilingual person, I grew up speaking both Spanish and English, and have found it extremely helpful in my student life and my professional career. I was born into a Spanish-speaking society whose words, tone, and phrases were completely different from other Spanish-speaking countries. We had our own ways, but we always got our point across and managed to understand other Spanish variations. I learned English from the moment I could speak and have been using it continuously throughout my life. Both of these languages have helped me further my studies and succeed in a country I was not born in.

Speaking a second–third, fourth, or more–language will give you an advantage in many fields. You will be able to communicate with other people better. Your brain will have a different capacity of processing and understanding information. You will be able to expand your knowledge and your network. It is one of the greatest resources you could have, and later in life you will realize how important it truly is.

When you are a student, speaking another language will give you career-advancing opportunities. The first one, to connect with students from all over the world, exchange experiences and information, and create a worldwide network that might be helpful in the future. The second one, the opportunity to travel as an exchange student to a different country, a different culture. By doing this, you will be improving your resume, gaining experience, and learning more about yourself. What else could you possibly want to motivate you to go out and learn another language?

After graduation, you will realize knowing more than one language puts you further up in line to be hired at your dream job. Most employers are looking for globalized people who can connect with clients in more than one place, in more than one language. If you present a resume that shows you can speak your native language plus another one, your chances to succeed during the job interview will definitely improve. Don’t you want to double the possibilities of being hired?

The truth is believing only the language you speak is enough or it is the only one that matters, is a particularly close-minded belief. The news spread fast. Social media keeps us all connected. This is the era of globalization. So, why should you believe only your language matters? For all of us to feel welcomed everywhere and stay connected, it is important to do our part and try to learn how to communicate with others.

If you have the opportunity to take classes or learn from someone else, go ahead and do it! If it may seem harder to learn another language in this manner, you can always watch movies or TV shows, read books, download apps on your phone, and use social media for this purpose. One way or another, our globalization will allow you to get your message across to someone who speaks a language different from yours.

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