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Hi I'm Abby,
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January 24, 2020

Tibby. He's our black and white cat who loves attention and cuddles.

Tibby. He's our black and white cat who loves attention and cuddles. I truly don't think my family would be quite the same without him. We have had him since I was three, and I don't remember a time when he wasn't there. Everytime he comes in the room, you can't help but smile at his cheeky face. He is simply part of the family.

Pets have this effect on us, don't they? They jump up, rub, sit still, and look cute, making themselves irresistible to our attention. However, some people would argue against having pets, reasoning that they are unclean or that they could be harmful to children. Others just think it is cruel and unnecessary to take animals out of their natural habitat.

I personally believe that pets have numerous benefits. In family homes, pets are especially helpful for the growth of children. Kids can be given the task of helping look after the pets, giving them a fun hobby and, more importantly, helping them to understand the importance of caring for others and the environment. Pets can also be used to benefit individuals who suffer from certain medical conditions. Service dogs are crucial in helping people with regular everyday tasks that may be difficult for some. Guide dogs assist blind people, giving them not only an escort, but also a good friend to keep them company. There are several other types of medical assistance dogs, such as hearing and seizure alert dogs. If we didn't have these type of pets, people in this situation would not be able live a normal life.

I can completely understand why some people think that keeping animals for pets is cruel; a lot of animals were designed to live in the wild without human intervention, but we aren't talking lions and tigers. Dogs, hamsters, cats, and rabbits, among many others, have been domesticated and they need our help to look after them so they can survive. If we didn't adopt these animals, they would be subject to harm and violence.

Pets offer a great sense of calmness in stressful moments; they give us a time-out from the real world and help us to relax. When I’ve had a bad day, it makes me feel so much better when Tibby comes rubbing at my feet for a stroke.

Pets are so important because they help us in so many ways, even ways we don't realize.