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Rishi Patel
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January 24, 2020

A little over a month ago, three ultra-successful singing brothers reunited and dropped a single that created a ripple effect across the digital and real world. The Jonas Brothers, a music

A little over a month ago, three ultra-successful singing brothers reunited and dropped a single that created a ripple effect across the digital and real world. The Jonas Brothers, a music staple of many millennial and Gen Z childhoods, debuted their new single “Sucker", and provided a nostalgic throwback to memories of growing up. “Sucker" was a visually enticing music video and the YouTube edition has garnered 91 million views in total. The release of the single prompts the question, are the Jonas Brothers back to make music for good? The release of this new single could be a sign that the brothers plan on reuniting and making more music in the future.

Though the Jonas Brothers group has been off the radar for the better part of the decade, with their last song back in 2013, many nostalgic millennials today could certainly not forget the tremendous impact these brothers had among the other breakout stars of the mid 2000s.

Perhaps best known for representing themselves on their sitcom Jonas L.A., along with releasing musical hit after hit in the mid 2000s, and being a part of Disney Channel summer blockbusters Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 in the late 2000s, the brothers’ all-encompassing talent accounted for their success in the entertainment industry. Thus, their last name has become universally recognized and Kevin, Joe, and Nick have become brand names in the densely populated music industry.

The Jonas Brothers proved to be lovable on and off screen, providing signature moments in their run of stardom. This includes music videos for songs such as “Burnin’ Up" and “Year 3000," Joe’s role as Shane Gray in Camp Rock, and the rumors of Nick’s romances with up and coming stars of that time, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.

However, the glory days of the mid to late 2000s where the Jonas Brothers basked in the spotlight from their singles, acting, and film work, were over a decade ago. The now 31- year- old Kevin has become a father of two daughters with his wife, Danielle, and it shows how much time has indeed passed. The now 29-year-old Joe is engaged to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner and has been a part of the popular music group DNCE, known for releasing recent hit singles such as “Cake By the Ocean" and “Toothbrush." And of course, who can forget about Nick and Priyanka Chopra’s lavish wedding extravaganza, which was subject to much news coverage (though divorce rumors are now popping up).

The now 26-year-old Nick has remained in the spotlight for the better of the decade despite the band of brothers disintegrating earlier this decade. Nick has proved he can provide goosebumps when he produces his own music, and has collaborated with several stars in the music industry to drop some great songs. Some prominent ones include “Good Thing" with Sage the Gemini, “Right Now" with Robin Schulz, and some solo-sung hits such as “Chains," “Jealous," and “Levels."

In 2019, the brothers look not to have changed a bit at first glance, and when they released their new music video for “Sucker" in March 2019, they seemingly picked up where they last left off. The music video for “Sucker" remained on YouTube’s trending videos list for several days, including holding the number one spot for some time. Another way the talented brothers are back in the national spotlight was through warm and largely viewed welcomes on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The brothers as a group have made several appearances on James Corden’s show, reminiscing about their old days and participating in some carpool karaoke/spilling of guts for a rough total of seven heavily viewed YouTube clips showing exclusive Jonas coverage.

With such a warm embrace by the world, what does this mean for the Jonas Brothers going forward, and what do they plan on doing now? Well, according to Seventeen, the Jonas Brothers will most likely go on a reunion tour. In the meantime, they have also released another new single together called “Cool," which dropped on April 5. If the collaboration continues, it would undeniably be a dream come true for many people in their late teens and 20s today (maybe even you). Well, the world can only hope they continue to collaborate for the foreseeable future, which could mean a possible collection of music forthcoming. Thus, all fanatics across the world can enjoy their God-given immense talents in a round two. Fingers crossed fans can be suckers for their music all over again.