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January 24, 2020

Fashion has become a huge part of our lives. It has become a form of expression; a way of making a statement.

Fashion has become a huge part of our lives. It has become a form of expression; a way of making a statement. Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, and Cosmopolitan are just some of the top magazines known all over New York City, the capital of fashion. These magazines are filled with trending styles and fabulous designs- designs created only by the top designers. Fashion is seen all over the world, and it is sometimes seen differently in seperate parts of the world, but each piece, no matter where you are, always has that same sense of expression. With fashion spreading so widely, many designers have been able to use their sense of fashion and style to create a trend of awareness.

Designers and brands have used their influence in society to make a huge statement in the world by supporting important causes. Some of these causes include animal rights, health issues, and even human rights. Brands like Toms, Bobs, and Sseko share the goal of bringing awareness to human rights. Toms, for instance, has their one-for-one program, which helps needy families by donating money to them when you purchase a pair of shoes from Toms. Additionally, Toms also helps support safe birthing conditions for mothers and their babies who do not have the same benefits as we would here in the United States. So far, Toms has supported over 70,000 women worldwide.

However, these companies are not the only ones that are supporting great causes. There are many designers that have been motivating brands to take on new movements. Many designers have strived to support certain causes through the use of fashion. Designer Mara Hoffman, for example, used her 2017 collection in New York Fashion week as a powerful way of empowering women and their rights. Diane Von Furstenberg, another great designer, has also committed to Stepping Up for women’s rights through her fashion. She is also a huge supporter of organizations that support females who pursue their dreams as entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide. Lastly, we can mention designer Stella McCartney, who is a huge animal rights activist as well as an environmentally aware designer. She does not use any type of animal products for her high-end designs, and through her designs she embodies the beauty of nature, so more people will be aware of the damage we have done to our environment. McCartney also supports many charities for domestic abuse, as well as many research studies for cancer.

Fashion has become a form of expression in many ways. By supporting so many causes worldwide, these brands and designers have truly sparked a new movement. It is a movement of expression; a movement that is profound in each piece you wear and expose to the world every day.