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Alison Monahan
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October 04, 2021

We can talk all day about resume formatting, or what should be included, but there's really only one question you should be asking (repeatedly) to make your resume shine for any occasion.

The One Question That Will Improve Any Resume

Drumroll, please!

What will this organization find most impressive about me?

Simple, right? In some ways, sure. But to answer this question, you have to really understand what your target organization is looking for.

Say it's a law school. Are they impressed by your fancy undergraduate education? Are they most concerned about where, or with whom, you've worked? Do they want to evaluate samples of your work?

Give 'em What They Want

Whatever it is, give it to 'em:

Put the most important information at the top of the page

Give it the most space

Include the most detail about it

Any time you're evaluating whether to include something on your resume, ask the same question: Is this one of the things this organization will find most impressive about me?

If not, leave it off!

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