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Lara Rosales

April 21, 2020

This semester is coming to an end with more questions than answers. These are very uncertain times and we are all trying to figure out what comes next.

At any other time, these would have been busy yet happy weeks for students. Some would be working on their finals and getting ready to enjoy their summer. Others would be choosing their summer courses to advance their studies. And the lucky ones would be getting ready to walk the stage and graduate. However, everything has changed and the end of semester feels heavier than usual.

When the semester is almost over, students find themselves buried in work: final essays, researches, projects, exams, and presentations. Depending on how many classes you have, you might be able to submit projects earlier; this happens once in a while. Usually, you remain extremely busy until the last week. That week in which nothing really matters anymore, you enjoy those last days with your friends, and make plans for the summer. Because the end of semester can be stressful but it brings so much joy and relief.

That is not the case now, is it? This end of semester is even more stressful than usual. Students are worried about their grades because classes have not been the same. Not many can say they submitted everything on time or that their teachers kept teaching. Things have been very different and students do not know what will happen next. Uncertain times like this one bring anxiety, stress, and many emotions we might not know how to handle.

Like you, I do not know what is coming but I do know one thing: you got through another semester! This was probably the hardest, weirdest, and most stressful semester of your life, and still you survived. That is all that matters. Classes may have been messy. Your essay may not have been perfect. Exams were probably not aced. Knowledge was probably not fully processed. But that is okay. No one expected you to have the best semester given the circumstances. Be proud you made it through.

What’s next? We do not really know. We do not know when classes will go back to “normal" or when you will go back to campus. Everything is being decided on a day to day basis. However, I recommend keeping an open line of communication with your school. If you have any doubts or fears, do not hesitate to contact them. They will be the ones to tell you if summer courses will be happening, when the next semester will officially start, and when your graduation will be happening. Knowing all those things helps your state of mind so it is important to connect with the people who can give you answers.

As hard as it may be, be proud of yourself for getting through this semester. Use the last days to work on your final projects and study for your final exams. One day, you will look back on this situation and celebrate yourself for having survived it. So finish at the top of your game, to your capabilities, and try to enjoy the well-deserved rest that is coming your way. If you are a senior, congratulations on all your achievements; we are all so proud of you! Stay safe and good luck on your finals.

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