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March 11, 2021

Noodle interviews Alton E. Newell, Vice President for Enrollment of Washington & Jefferson College. Read on for tips about applying here.

Want to apply to Washington & Jefferson College? We have 5 questions for Alton E. Newell, Vice President for Enrollment.

Noodle Education: What's one great insider tip for getting in to your college:

Alton Newell: Schedule a campus visit and an interview with one of the admissions staff. You should demonstrate an interest in Washington & Jefferson and differentiate yourself from other applicants.

NE: What's something that would surprise our readers about the students at your school:

AN: Readers would be surprised to learn about the number of students who take advantage of study abroad: about 70%. This includes the Magellan Project in which students design their own travel and study experience during the summer funded by the college. Students develop an idea and proposed budget with a faculty member; this year 60 out of the 62 proposals were funded by W&J.

NE: If I were coming to visit your campus, what's one thing I should be sure to see or do?

AN: You absolutely need to attend a class to experience the sense of community and personal relationships between faculty and student.

NE: What's one thing students should NOT do when applying to your school:

AN: Do not misspell Washington & Jefferson (also, it's not Washington AND Jefferson). In essays and personal statements, when saying "I've always wanted to attend ___" make sure you put the right school.

NE: Let's say I just got waitlisted at your school: any advice?

AN: You absolutely should return the reply form, let us know of your strong interest in W&J, and tell us if you will definitely attend if accepted. We often require those students to submit recent grades so finish out senior year in a strong fashion.

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