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Lara Rosales

April 30, 2020

When studying and working from home, it can be hard to concentrate. Here are a few ideas that I have discovered help me stay focused.

These days, most of us have had to adjust to studying from home and we have found that it is harder to concentrate on the task at hand. Maybe during your online class you find it easier because there is a teacher guiding you. But then you are left alone just staring at the screen not knowing where to start. Maybe you write a few words and then do not know what else to say. It is normal to lose focus when there is so much happening around you. For that reason, I made a list with a few ideas that might help you get through your homework better.

Make a Schedule

Although your day may seem long enough to do everything you need to, you should make your own schedule. By doing this, you are creating a routine and it will be easier to stick to it as the days go by. Having a specific time to concentrate on one topic allows your concentration to be better, and it motivates you to get things done within that time frame. Remember that your schedule does not need to be solely schoolwork. You can add workouts, reading time, TV time, or anything that allows you to recharge and come back with the energy to keep going.

Set Small Goals

Throughout the years, I have discovered that making a list with a few small goals was always the perfect motivation. Reaching those goals and crossing them off my list always helps me feel accomplished. You can set goals for each day or do it for the week, whatever works best for you. If you need to write a paper, make it your goal to write a certain amount of words per day. If you need to study, select which topics to go through for every day. Make it as creative as you can. Be sure to set small and attainable goals so you do not feel overwhelmed.

Find the Right Place

We are constantly told to find the right place to study. “Go somewhere quiet." “Make sure there is enough light." “Do not have distractions around you." We all know sticking to those things is harder nowadays when we all have to stay home and we all have different living situations. What I suggest is more related to creating the right headspace. Distractions are bound to exist, so what can we do? Put music on; the kind of music that always makes you feel better. Have your comfort drink or snack with you. Use your favorite pen. Keep an eye on those tiny details that get you in a better mood and use them to create your own right studying place.

Take a Break

You have deadlines to meet and you probably just want to get them done as soon as possible. However, you need to set time aside to take breaks. Our minds and our bodies get tired and need the time to rest, to recharge. Do not feel guilty or unproductive for taking a break; you need it. If you make a schedule, you can choose specific times for your breaks. If you decide to take them depending on how you feel, listen to your body. Taking a break will help you come back with a sharp mind, motivation, and new ideas. Do not overwork yourself.

Play With Your Pets

This is optional and I realize not everyone has a pet. But if you do, I recommend spending at least one of your breaks with them. Animals know when our emotions are all over the place, and they can always make it better. Play with them. Lay on the floor with them. Sit them on your lap. Do whatever helps you feel their love and their energy. I promise you will go back to studying with renewed energy.

Finding the energy, motivation, and concentration to study can be extremely hard these days. I found these five things help me do better and maybe they will help you too. It is all about finding the steps to make it easier on yourself. Do not feel disappointed or angry if you have not been able to concentrate because it is normal. Take a look at those moments and try to see what you can do differently. Not everything works for everyone and you should focus on what works for you. Try things out and adjust them to your pace, feelings, and circumstances.

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