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Aarron Sholar
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May 14, 2020

What can you do with your new English degree?

When I meet new people and tell them I'm getting a degree in English, their first question is Oh, so you want to be a teacher? No, not really. While teachers are very important, there are many other jobs you can get with an English degree, and some of them pay decently too.

Human Resources Manager

A position that most companies need, a HR Manager, is a fairly achievable position for English graduates. writes that positions such as this require great communication skills, often a characteristic that many English majors possess. HR Managers do work such as hiring potential employees for companies, resolving workplace issues, and organize payroll. Better yet, this position can make you approximately $77,760 a year.

Technical Writer

This profession can also be applied to many workplaces. Technical writers perform tasks such as re-writing documents so that every day employees can understand them and produce items such as manuals. This job is fairly straight forward, and like an HR Manager, almost every workplace needs those who can write, and well too for that matter. claims that these positions can make $71,850 a year.

Journalist/News Reporter

Both of these professions both involve skills that, again, most English majors probably possess: writing and speaking. This job is also more active, as it goes beyond the desk; most journalists and reporters go out into the world to gather data and information. Geteducated writes that this profession (which can be achieved at entry-level) can earn you an average salary of $40,000, and "the top 10% can earn an average over $163,000."

Public Relations Manager

Although this position isn't so entry-level, once you earn this job, it is well worth it. This job entails leading a team that compiles and produces a public image for clients. reports that this position "play[s] a senior role in crafting the message, identifying the intended audience for that message and determining where to release content." This job also brings in good money: about $114,000 annually.

Though many think that English degrees aren't very helpful unless someone wants to be a teacher of some kind, there are actually an insane amount of jobs and position that English graduates can go into. Some entry-level jobs pay a decent amount, and some you have to work your way up to. Either way, an English degree comes with a variety of different fields and opportunities to go into after college.

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