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Aarron Sholar
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May 08, 2020

Interested in getting an MFA in Creative Writing? Here are the top programs in the US.

Regardless of what many parents thinks, English degrees can be very viable in the long run. With typical English degrees, you can go into fields such as journalism, copy-editing, teaching, and administration and office jobs. An MFA in Creative Writing, however, also has its perks. But what are the best schools to get that degree from?

University of Iowa

Located in Iowa City, this school offers a two-year MFA program. The program focuses on Fiction and Poetry, but lacks a Creative Nonfiction genre. The school admits twenty-five students per genre each year, which is actually a lot of people compared to other schools. Even better, the university offers financial assistance through Graduate Assistantships, Fellowships, etc. They also offer health insurance for their graduate students. This university has a great reputation and is very well-revered among creative writers nationwide.

University of Arizona

Ranked the second best program for Creative Nonfiction writers, University of Arizona's three-year program has much to offer. The university is located in Tuscon, Arizona, as offers complete funding for all of its students through Graduate Teaching Assistantships. U of A claims many positive characteristics, such as an "excellent student-teacher ratio," "an extremely active and critically acclaimed faculty," and "opportunities to work on nationally- and internationally-known literary magazines, websites, and presses."

George Mason University

Located in Fairfax Virginia, GMU prides themselves on their esteemed faculty. They offer all three genres of Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction that can be completed within three years. GMU offers different types of classes, ranging from those on Form, Workshops, and lectures on Craft. The school also is home to Fall for the Book, Stillhouse Press, Poetry Daily, Cheuse Center, New Leaves, and both phoebe and So to Speak, all of which MFA students can participate in.

Purdue University

Located in West Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue University is best known for their Style Guides through Purdue Owl, but they also offer a top-tier Creative Writing MFA program. PU claims that their program is "designed with the writer-artist in mind," as it allows students to practice their craft and study at the same time easily. This three-year program offers full funding for all their students and is very close-knit. PU primarily offers funding through Graduate Teaching Assistantships, which is typically only one class to teach per semester. This school also offers reading series and the opportunity to work on Sycamore Review.

These few programs are only a handful of the vast amount of great ones that are out there. Different programs and schools will suit different students, but there's definitely one out there for every writer. With many school offering stipends and tuition waivers, MFAs in Creative Writing are more accessible than ever.

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