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January 23, 2020

 Every college has resources for their students to use and utilize. They aim to try to help their students and have everything readily available and convenient for them.

Every college has resources for their students to use and utilize. They aim to try to help their students and have everything readily available and convenient for them. Whether it is your first year in college or you’ve been in school for a couple years now, it’s never too late to understand and utilize your college’s resources.

One of the most important resources for every student to know about is where all the college services departments are which are Student Support and Advising, Financial Services, Enrollment and Records, and the Office of Admissions. It’s important to know these specific rooms and locations because they provide resources that can help you throughout your academic career.

Student Support and Advising is where all the advisors will be. If you need help changing your schedule, figuring out what classes to take, changing programs or anything academic related, this is the office that will best help your needs. Their offices usually contain resources such as the programs your school offers, flowsheets for your program, information on what to do with your degree after and so forth. Financial Services are here to help you with anything related to money whether that’s paying a bill, setting up a payment plan, figuring out your FAFSA, and so forth. Their office contains resources to help you figure out how to pay for classes, flyers containing FAFSA workshops, etc. Enrollment and Records is the office you need if you want an official transcript, pass in an application, pass in transcripts from other schools, a letter verifying you’re a student, and information containing the status of your enrollment in your school. Their resources help you with ensuring that getting accepted and attending the school is a smooth process. As for the Office of Admissions, this is perfect for anyone potentially interested in the school who may want more information. These resources may not be for you as you’re already a student but you can always transfer these resources along to a friend or family that may be interested.

Aside from the offices listed above, the next important office is Student Life or Student Engagement. This office will contain resources about all of the clubs and organizations your school has to offer, events going on for the future, maps of your school, a list of offices and their locations, and just a ton of information regarding your school. This office will be extremely helpful for you because you can use these resources to get involved and gain experience that you can add to your resume and they will help you to locate any office you need to find.

Every college has a library for you to go to and the library always has information for you to use. Their resources include a variety of books for you to read or use, information on how to cite and properly research scholarly articles, and so forth. When in doubt, check out your library as their resources can help with homework and any information you need.

Related to the library and homework, most schools have a tutoring center. This center will have tutors there to help you with your homework and to review anything you need a second set of eyes on. Their center will also have information on how to help you with your homework. Plus, tutoring is usually included with your tuition and completely free for you to take to your advantage. Sometimes, tutors are students who had the exact same professor so you can get help with the reassurance of someone knowing the exact teaching style of your professor!

You can get a list of all the offices available for you from Student Life or you can view your student account. Most schools will include this information in you student account so that you can access it any time and see all the resources linked in one place. Knowing where your offices are will be beneficial for you so that you can easily contact the office or visit it for your needs.

Every college has resources for you to use. These resources can help you better understand the school, improve your experience or help you out on anything that you may need help with. They are there to guide and help you. So if you are ever stuck or confused, you can always turn to your college’s resources to help.