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Alizah Acosta
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January 24, 2020

Many people were excited with what 2018 had to offer us book worms and are now looking for something to fill that book sized hole in our hearts. New authors, new titles, and new themes are

Many people were excited with what 2018 had to offer us book worms and are now looking for something to fill that book sized hole in our hearts. New authors, new titles, and new themes are coming into 2019, and here are the ones you should be looking out for. These are some of the best books of 2019.

If you are into thrillers, be sure to check out My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing. This book opens to a story of a seemingly normal couple. They do the typical married thing, and by that I mean they have kids and move to the suburbs. If that sounds ordinary to you, it did to this couple too. Many people who are married get tired of routine and start looking for things to spice up their marriage. This couple decides to start getting away with murder as their side hobby. Not so typical anymore. Look out for this book to hit the shelves on March 26th.

Things you Save in a Fire by Katherine Center is a tale of a young woman named Cassie Hanwell.. The men in the Boston firehouse are not as happy to see Cassie there, except for a young, new firefighter. She begins to develop feelings for him, but tries to put them aside, remembering that she is far too career-centered to fall in love. Cassie must choose whether she will allow herself to fall in love, or whether she will continue on her career path. Find out what happens on August 13th.

Self-help is a growing genre in books, and for a good reason. Sometimes it’s good to read a pick me up book or something practical that sets your mind in focus. This year, be sure to add Girls' Club: Cultivating Lasting Friendship in a Lonely World by Sally Clarkson and Joy Clarkson to your book list. This book touches on the very real and present feeling of loneliness. It shows the importance of seeking friendships and building that trust with people who will honestly love, accept, and care about you. The books’ message is told through a series of true stories about pursuing education, overcoming difficulties, and coming across that desire for companionship. On February 5th, read about the struggles most go through, and how to push past them.

Business literature may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in this case, Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader's Guide to the Real World by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall shares some basic truths that we can all glean from. It conveys  how people propagate planning, being strategic, and organization. These things may be essential, but they are not as necessary as we may think. This book deviates from the thinking that we all must fit in a box and all fall in line. It embraces uniqueness and finally gives the business man or woman the “okay" or “yes!" to being yourself. It is healthiest when we are ourselves. Read more about it on April 2.

Echo Ridge used to be a quiet town up until the death of a former homecoming queen. Now, five years later, Ellery moves into town. She finds herself in a place that looks normal, but is filled with people who have many secrets behind those perfect smiles. Homecoming is coming up again, and soon. Someone has already pledged to recreate the events that occured five years before. Missing people, threats, and secrets are what makes this book a page turner. Find out what Ellery has to uncover about Echo Ridge by reading today.

Some of these books are fun while some are more serious. Some will educate you on serious topics, and some will leave you shooketh (sorry but I couldn’t help it). Whether you prefer the kind of book that makes you sit on edge or the one that makes you sit by a box of tissues, these books will give you that enticing sense of enjoyment that books should. So, get ready to curl up in a fuzzy blanket with your favorite cup of tea or cup. Get ready to tell your friends, “sorry, I’m busy reading." Get ready for some outstanding books in 2019.