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January 23, 2020

Dressing professionally and “looking the part” doesn’t always have to be expensive. Many people assume that dressing in business casual attire can cost a fortune, but when you shop from th

Dressing professionally and “looking the part" doesn’t always have to be expensive. Many people assume that dressing in business casual attire can cost a fortune, but when you shop from the right stores and wait for discounts, it won’t cost you too much money.

The number one store I recommend for anyone on a budget who wants to dress in work friendly and business casual clothing is Thred Up. Thred Up is an online store that sells second-hand clothes, meaning that you are purchasing clothes that have already been worn before. It’s similar to a thrift store. On this website, you can easily browse for what you’re looking for by using helpful filters. For example, you can apply a certain filter to only see clothes that still have the price tag on them. The prices are extremely affordable and they carry items from a wide range of different brand names. You can also choose to look at specific categories. You can search up blazers, dress pants, dresses, and more. Thred Up has a variety of different clothing items at an affordable rate.

Two other stores I recommend for affordable work friendly and business casual clothing would be T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. T.J. Maxx and Marshalls have amazing deals, and sales are always going on. They allow you to use coupons and they have a wide variety of name brands as well. Most of these clothing items are high quality and they carry a lot of professional clothing to choose from. If you have a credit card from their stores, you also receive an additional discount. Their clothes come in different sizes as well, ranging from junior sizing all the way to plus-size clothing.

H&M is another popular and inexpensive store that carries business casual attire. Their quality is amazing and their prices are affordable. They have many different styles of clothing to help you look the part for your summer job. From blazers to footwear to button-up shirts, they have it all. H&M also has great sales every week. Their sales are sometimes buy one get one free, or even 60% off. You get more bang for your buck at H&M and it’s a great alternative for anyone on a budget.

Primark is a popular brand in Europe and it is slowly making its way to the United States. Unfortunately, they do not have an online store, but select areas do have a physical Primark store. Boston and Philadelphia, for example, have physical Primark stores. For those of you who do have a Primark near you, you should definitely take advantage of it. Primark is similar to H&M with even more affordable prices. Primark carries a range of different sizes and it has numerous sections for all different types of people. There is a section for kids, teenagers, women, men, and more. You can always find what you’re looking for at Primark. They have plenty of dress pants, blazers, and more. Everything you need to look professional and business casual can be found at Primark.

Another store to shop at is Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a bit more expensive than Primark but their quality is amazing. Uniqlo is perfect for any age group and gender. They’re always up to date with the latest fashion trends, and they have clothing for any occasion. If you need a blazer, you can expect the quality to exceed your expectations.

Last but certainly not least, Target should be everyone’s go-to store. Target has everything you can think of. They constantly have sales and deals going on with multiple items going on clearance every day. Target carries a variety of different brands. Their quality is amazing and their prices are affordable. You’re also able to use coupons on top of sales and discounts, so you’ll save even more money. This is perfect for anyone on a budget.

Dressing professionally doesn’t have to leave you broke. These stores will give you the perfect business casual look at an affordable price. These stores will prep you perfectly for your summer job at a budget-friendly price range.