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Mandy Li
Noodle Expert Member

June 15, 2020

Time to starting building your credit.

Getting a credit card is an important essential item you'll need. It is time to ditch the debit card and start getting a credit card. Building credit is important where you'll need credit in order to buy a house, rent an apartment, get a loan, and buying a car. There are many credit cards that college students can apply. There are benefits when getting a credit card where many banks will offer cashback on your purchases.

Bank of America Cash Rewards 

Allows you to chose 3% cashback of your choice, then 2% on grocery/wholesale clubs, and, gas than 1% cash back on other purchases. These choices include online shopping, grocery, dining, and many other choices.

Discover Student Cash Back

This credit card allows you to get 5% cashback on all your purchases in each quarter and you'll earn another 1% cashback on all other purchases.

There are a lot more banks that offers good benefits on credit cards. Be sure to check out other credit cards benefits that suits what you need in a credit card.

Credits card can help you earn a little bit of money back on the items you purchase. By paying back your bills your credit scores will go up. It is important to keep your credit score high and only purchase items that are within your budget. Having good credit is essential and it is a way to show that you are financially responsible.

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