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January 24, 2020

Fashion is always evolving. There is seemingly a new style every season, and it is so interesting to see what trends the public latches onto.

Fashion is always evolving. There is seemingly a new style every season, and it is so interesting to see what trends the public latches onto. Seeing what designers come up with and how their ideas evolve through the seasons is fun, too. For the 2018-2019 season, the fashion includes items like puffy coats, animal prints, faux fur and so much more. Read on to see what’s hitting the racks this season.

One of the most trendy styles for winter is animal print . Nowadays, animal prints have been seen on runaways, in magazines, on social media and even in person. From Dolce & Gabbana to Max Mara to Balenciaga, these fashion designers have been making animal prints stylish again. From coats to pants to shirts to shoes, you can find these prints almost everywhere.

Another trending style for winter 2018 is printed scarves . Nowadays, people are steering clear of single-colored scarves. This accessory is perfect for standing out while also keeping warm. Many designers have also been utilizing scarves for more than just keeping the neck wrapped up. These fun scarves can be worn as a top, tube top, skirt, dress, headband, or even a sweater. The sky’s the limit for this trend!

Plaid is known for its fall presence, but this print is no longer a one-trick pony! This season, designers are making it known that plaid is great year-round. You can find newly-popular winter trend in almost every store! Try Forever 21, Boohoo, Fashion Nova or Charlotte Russe. From shoes to pants to dresses to trousers, there are so many different ways to wear plaid this winter.

Winter fashion this year also includes bringing leather back. Instead of the leather pants and leather jackets that have been making a comeback, designers are bringing back leather dresses! Whether you want to wear a short and sassy dress or an ankle-length dress to keep you warm this winter, leather dresses are making a statement this season; just ask Stella McCartney! Last but certainly not least, clothing with capes are more popular than ever! Capes are perfect for braving the cold this winter. Designers like Givenchy, Erdem, Chanelm Saint Laurent and Nina Ricci are renewing this trend to focus on crusading women in politics, film and fashion and have participated in this trend for the 2018-2019 season. Update your wardrobe with this classy and elegant look.

For anyone who is interesting in learning more about winter fashion or is curious to see what’s hot, these are the top trends of the season. This season is a great way of seeing how designers have transformed these staples into their own up-to-date styles. Whether you love learning about the newest styles or you want to incorporate these trends into your wardrobe, these trends are what’s popular with winter fashion this year.

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