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Mandy Li
Noodle Expert Member

February 25, 2020

You've been going on to your school portal trying to get the class you need for your major this semester. Here is how you can get the chance to be added.

Have you ever had a class you really need for this semester in order to graduate on time for your major and there are only limited class sections for the class you need? There are always ways to get the class you need for this semester.

First, you can always try to crash in the class that you need and make sure to show up to class each time that class is held. The professor will see that you are diligent and that you really want this class. In turn, your professor might be more willing to add you to the class.

Second, make sure to visit your academic adviser. Your adviser will develop a four-year plan for you to graduate. This helps you to take a class you need in certain semesters and your professor will add you because you have a plan with your adviser that you need this class for this semester in order to graduate on time. Lastly, if you are a senior then you will get priority to get into the class. You will likely get an add-code to add in to the class than other students who are not graduating in your year.

Don't fret if you were not able to enroll in that class when you had your registration date. You can always try to get your class in the first week of school and usually the professor will understand why you need the class.

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