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August 09, 2021

Congratulations! You've crushed, or at least not been crushed by, the LSAT. After all those months of studying, it's hard to think about what you need to do next. Here are some of the things you need to be keeping in mind:

_*Sign up with the LSDAS if you haven't already. *_

This service will prepare a report of your transcripts, letters of recommendation, LSAT scores, etc to be sent to the schools you are applying. Many law schools require that you apply through this service so either sign up or make sure that none of the schools you are applying to requires it.

Get Your Letters of Recommendation in Order.

Make sure that you submit your letters with the proper forms for the LSDAS. This allows your recommenders to submit only one letter which the LSDAS will then submit with your LSAT scores. There are general letters that will go to all the schools to which you apply or targeted letters that you would like to have sent only to specific school(s). Most schools require at least 2 letters of recommendation and accept up to four. Once you have submitted your letter of recommendation with the proper forms, it can take up to a week for it show up in your LSDAS account. For more information on getting letters of recommendation for law school click here.

Write your Personal Statement.

Your personal statement is an extremely important part of you application so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to write and edit it. For more advice on writing the personal statement_* click *_here.

Not sure which law school is best for you? Check out our Law School Wizard to find the perfect fit or learn more about the schools you're intersted in!

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