Accounting - Career Paths & Degree Types

There are more accounting career paths than many people realize: there’s more to the profession than completing individual tax returns. Besides tax accountancy, there’s also auditing (the independent review of a company or organization’s books for indications of mismanagement or fraud, forensic accounting (the review of financial records as part of a criminal investigation), managerial accounting (maintaining the books for a corporation or organization), and government accounting. Each role requires its own accounting credentials and its own rigorous training and development regimens. Some positions are open to accountants with a bachelor’s degree; others require master’s-level training and certification. With the age of Big Data in full swing, modern accountants need to be more tech-savvy and computer-literate than ever before. You can receive that essential training in an undergraduate or graduate accounting program. Not sure whether this is the career for you? Let Noodle help balance the various debits and credits associated with this career choice.