Addiction & Recovery

Addiction & Recovery - Career Paths & Degree Types

According to government statistics, nearly 15 million Americans suffer from alcohol use disorder; nearly 2 million misuse prescription opioids and another 650,000 abused heroin; and over 1.5 million use methamphetamine each year. The good news is that, every year, some of these people will seek help, and of those, 40 to 60 percent do not relapse after treatment. Some may see those figures as dispiriting, but, in fact, they represent a high success rate when it comes to treating chronic illness. Addiction and recovery professionals help make those successes possible by applying their high levels of commitment and rigorous training to the challenges of the field. Some undertake addiction and recovery majors in college, while others pursue more generalized degrees in social work or psychology. Some continue on to earn master’s degrees in social work, counseling, or psychology. This is not an easy or cushy profession, but if you feel called to it, Noodle can help you find the right program and plot your career path.