Education Administration

Education Administration - Career Paths & Degree Types

Whether they’re managing a daycare center, overseeing a high school, or guiding higher education students, education administrators keep instructional systems operating smoothly and efficiently. In the process, they provide invaluable leadership and guidance to the many students, teachers, and fellow administrators they serve. The Bureau of Labor Statistics counts nearly 500,000 education administration jobs at the kindergarten through postsecondary levels, with a job market that’s keeping pace with the economy as a whole. So, how do you earn the education administration credentials that put you on an educational leadership and administration career path? Noodle can answer those questions. Its library of content digs deep into education administration degree programs and career options. Rely on our site to figure out where to get the bachelor’s and master’s degrees (and maybe even a Doctor of Education) that can send your career straight to the principal’s office.