Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction - Career Paths & Degree Types

Textbooks, lesson plans, and learning standards don’t just write themselves. They need to be researched, planned, and created, a job that requires special expertise. Curriculum and instruction professionals need a deep understanding of how people learn. Classroom experience is also essential to identify what techniques and strategies work not only in theory but also in practice. Educators rely on the materials prepared by curriculum experts in all content areas, especially those—like English and mathematics—that are subject to regular mandated benchmark testing. A bachelor’s degree in teaching or education can start you down this career path, but you’ll likely need a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction to ascend to a prominent position in curriculum development and design, textbook publishing, or educational technology. Noodle’s resources can help you find the best curriculum and instruction program for you, then discover which career options in the field best fit your talents and interests.