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Get Free Geometry Help With These Online Videos

Get Free Geometry Help With These Online Videos
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Lilia F. October 17, 2014

If you’re struggling in your geometry class, check out these videos and get your head back above water.

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Many students struggle with math, and the subject can get even harder with shapes and diagrams. Angles, corners, curves, and shapes of all sorts are enough to confuse even collegiate students.

So what’s a novice geometry student supposed to do when homework is assigned and there’s no teacher to raise a hand for? There are great teachers online who can help everyone, from middle to high school students and beyond, with explanations for common — and even some uncommon — geometry problems.

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Best Middle School Homework Help Videos for Geometry

# Circumference Situation

PBS for Kids has tons of math and geometry related videos for kids. Although intended for children slightly younger than middle school, the lessons are easy to understand, even on complex subjects. In addition to this one on circumference, you can find many more geometry topics here.

# Geometry Video Lessons

Get tons of short videos on geometry here from They are typically a few minutes long and easy to understand. Selections include “Introduction to Parallel Lines in Geometry," “How Geometry is Used in Surveying," and dozens more.

# Pythagorean Theorem

Learn all about how to calculate the angles in a right triangle with this video. The instructor demonstrates with a formula that is simple enough in theory, but one that many middle schoolers have struggled to grasp. Math Videos Online also has more geometry and related videos to view.

# The Geometry Rap

Having trouble remembering all the geometry terms? Love rap music? This video by WyzAnt can give you a fun way to remember the shapes, formulas, and more while you hum along to the song. There are also other fun videos to watch on the channel.

Best High School Homework Help Videos for Geometry

# Euclid as The Father of Geometry

Khan Academy has an entire section with dozens of geometry video. The very first is on Euclid and the history of geometry, and many more follow.

# Introduction to Geometry (1.1)

Jeff Nelson is a professional math teacher who introduces students to the basics of geometry in this 14 minute video that includes lines, planes, angles, and more. He also has many other videos with lots more help in the subject.

# Algebra: Formulas From Geometry

The Video Math Tutor prides himself on being a teacher like no other. He offers lots of great math tutorials from his YouTube channel of over 21,000 subscribers. In this 23-minute entry, he shows you how to combine many simple algebra equations into the subject of geometry. Even college students have thanked him in the comments for making the topic so accessible.

# Language and Notation of Basic Geometry

Another entry from Khan Academy, this is one of the most popular geometry videos on YouTube. It lays out basic ideas in geometry and how they are represented with symbols.

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