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Top 25 Learning Management Systems (LMS) for Education

Top 25 Learning Management Systems (LMS) for Education
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Miles Keenlyside July 28, 2014

Schools across the country are adopting Learning Management Systems (LMS) to integrate in-person and online learning. Here are the top programs that are helping teachers bridge the gap between the internet and the classroom.

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Schools across the country are adopting Learning Management Systems (LMS) to integrate in-person and online learning. Here are the top programs that are helping teachers bridge the gap between the internet and the classroom.

30hands Cloud

30hands Cloud is a cloud-computing based LMS that “[combines] the free flow and conversational aspects of Collaborative, Social Learning with the structured and comprehensive classroom aspects of more traditional Learning Management (LMS)."


Akdemia helps parents and students use their time efficiently by integrating everything from your schedules to grade books. Akdemia has over 10,000 registered students and is available in English and en Espanol.

Brain Honey

Brain Honey was developed using the Agilix eXtensible Learning Infrastructure (xLi). Brain Honey allows teachers to “[highlight] the “critical students" who need help now and a “prioritized to-do list" for teachers that lists the actions they should take to help their students succeed."


Canvas is an LMS platform launched in 2011 that is now used by over 800 schools and universities. Canvas is brought to you by Instructure.


Chalkable is not just an integrated blended learning platform, the Chalkable app store also helps users find the best educational apps from across the web.


Concourse will help you “defeat campus villains" by providing a platform that helps students organize courses, syllabi and schedules all in one LMS.

Course Peer

Course Peer is a customizable LMS that “provides an environment for flexible pedagogy and teaching styles" for Blended Learning at all levels.


Curiosityville is an LMS for children between the ages of 3-8. Curiosityville offers a variety of colorful and adaptable systems to help customize your child’s education.


Edsby is an LMS that allows school to integrate with existing Student Information Systems (SIS) for a specialized platform for each school. Edsby’s founders also founded FirstClass, a messaging system used by schools worldwide.


Edustruct “offers a virtual learning environment with a secured social networking service [...] that allow users to create, manage and share academic content from all over the world."


Edvance360 offers educators a variety of customizable tools which “provide an engaging, versatile training platform." Edvance360’s user interface won the SIIA CODiE Award in 2011.


The eGenio LMS platform helps streamline classroom assessments and “lets teachers deliver in-class assessments using Internet-enabled devices such as iPads and tablets." Teachers can get instant feedback, and customize courses based on real time student data.


Gestor1, a Brazilian LMS, allows teachers to integrate Blended Learning into Portuguese speaking classrooms.

Haiku Learning

Haiku Learning is a K-12 Blended Learning LMS that allows educators to “create classroom pages, add and organize content blocks, change layouts, and publish whenever you’re ready."

Hybrid Learning Management System (HLMS)

The Hybrid Learning Management System offers their customers “a cloud-based platform that provides students, teachers and administrators each with a single entry point to access digital content and the detailed performance data they need to guide instruction and learning."

Ignitor Mobile Learning Platform

The Ignitor Mobile Learning Platform is brought to you by Edutor Technologies. Founded in 2009 by Indian Institute of Technology Madras alumni, Edutor Technologies has integrated thousands of students into the IGNITOR Learning platform.


itsLearning is a flexible LMS platform that gives students “options for discussion, feedback and interaction itsLearning provides student access to course materials, anytime, anywhere and on any device."


JumpRope is an LMS platform that helps students look beyond A’s, B’s and C’s and offers “hybrid report options" that help “students begin to connect success with learning instead of success with grades."


The Lore LMS allows educators to “create a course website with assignments, calendar, syllabus, and discussion tools." Lore has been featured in The New York TImes, The Economist, The Chronicle of Higher Education and on CNBC.


Moodle is an open source LMS that provides “educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments."


OpenClass is a free LMS that offers “a dynamic learning environment that helps educators bring social learning and experiences to their students."

Revolution Next IEMS

Revolution Next Integrated Education Management System works with a school’s Student Information System to create a “comprehensive software system that covers all administration and operations of the educational institution."


Brought to you by Pearson, Schoolnet is a “unified solution to align student assessment, curriculum and instruction; guide collaborative, data-informed discussion; and enable targeted instruction for every student."


Schoology is an LMS whose mission it is “to give you the tools and connections to engage students more efficiently and improve educational effectiveness on both a large and small scale.“

Spiral Universe

The Spiral Universe LMS offers “an integrated suite of applications used by schools to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve their management and administration."

Disclosure: Lore is a company owned by Noodle